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Aklabeth - Ultima 0

This is a remake of Akalabeth aka 'Ultima 0', the first commercial game released by legendary game designer Richard Garriott, and one of the first RPGs ever released for a personal computer.

This build has some rearrangement of elements and SDL mode tweaks. For some reason it doesn't get keyboard input until I hit the hardware menu button twice. It's actually kind of fun to try to survive for more than a few rounds. Yeah, back in the day, you died in CRPGs. Pretty wierd, huh? Check the advert to the left -- What cost $34.99 in 1980 would cost $93.69 in 2006.

You'll probably want the faq/walkthrough ... unless you're a demented Ultima otaku who remembers the original keyboard commands. Everyone else, "nothing to see here - move along"... ;-)