a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

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for Nokia internet tablets

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Dosbox x86 PC Emulator

DOSBox emulates a full 286/386 real/protected mode PC, including a DOS shell, filesystem, XMS/EMS memory, Tandy Hercules CGA EGA VGA VESA graphics and Adlib/SoundBlaster/GUS cards.

Performance is good for PC/XT games and fair for some EGA/VGA 286 games. N8x0 is about twice as fast as 770. If you find a game that runs well, please post your results and relevant config settings here.

For keyboard input, use a bluetooth keyboard or synergy, or disable fullscreen and install the xkbd virtual keyboard available here.

Update 08_02_16: OS2008 installable package is up. Now works with N810 keyboard (Fn key)! No more config file hassles! Mouse can auto-calibrate by dragging stylus slowly between top/bottom and left/right of screen.

Update 08_02_17: DOSBox now detects and automounts directories named 'DOS' or 'dos' on your mmc1 and mmc2 starting at drive D:. This leaves drives A, B and C free for user-mounting. If you don't like this behavior, feel free to edit /usr/bin/dosbox to remove automount script.

Update 08_02_27: Ukki's awesome Rubybox frontend / game-launcher initial release! Allows you to launch games from menu and configure dosbox options for each. Essential utility for tweaking game performance.

Update 08_03_04: New Dosbox and XKBD releases! Tested under OS2008, dosbox now launches Addison and OSEmuTech's vertical keyboard on the left-hand side of screen. You can change keyboard layout and position by editing /usr/bin/dosboxkbd.

Update 08_04_22: Ukki's Rubybox More features than you can shake a bucket at!!
Now downloads game profiles with games. Update option in main menu. Availability to edit exported settings. Fullscreen toggle fix, icons and help. Downloadable free/shareware games!
Allows import/export of game profiles to an online server. Make rubybox go to windowed mode and select 'preferences', enter address: nakkiboso.com, nickname: your nick. Then you can export (upload) your game profiles for others to use. To download a profile, first create a profile for your game, then select it and click 'import'. If anyone has uploaded a profile for that game, you will be allowed to download it.

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