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Exult Ultima 7 RPG remake

Exult is a remake of the computer game Ultima VII. It is one of the best loved of the Ultima role-playing game series, as well as one of Richard Garriot's personal favorites. Both the Black Gate and the sequel Serpent's Isle are fully playable with the Exult engine.

Here's a testing build of my Exult port to Nokia 770/800.

1) Install gstreamer-tools from the Maemo repository.
2) Download Exult binary and extract into /home/user.
3) Download Exult data and extract into /media/mmc1/games.
4) Download Exult music and extract into the new exult dirextory.
5) Copy the original Ultima 7 - The Black Gate or Serpent Isle game into /media/mmc1/games/exult/blackgate or serpentisle directories.

Update 2008.02:

Remastered stereo mp3 music! The original volume levels were out-of-control.