a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

s o f t w a r e

for Nokia internet tablets

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libasound2 deb

FreeSCI bin (April 12)

FreeSCI dev deb (Aug 28)

FreeSCI config

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FreeSCI Sierra Adventure Player

FreeSCI is an interpreter for playing (some of) Sierra On-Line's graphical adventures and other SCI games. For more information see the homepage or the FreeSCI manual

This version of FreeSCI was built from the 07.08.28. glutton Darcs tree. Adlib sound output has been tweaked for stable playback.

Download and install libasound libs with dpkg -i, then apt-get install libreadline4. Then download the freesci .deb and install with dpkg -i. Then grab the freesci config tgz and unpack into /home/user. It should be in ~/.freesci see README_nokia and INSTALL for notes. Please test and comment to the FreeSCI forum thread here. For stylus keyboard input, use xkbd.