a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

s o f t w a r e

for Nokia internet tablets

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Photo of Frodo on 770

Frodo armel binary 770/800

Frodo C64 Emulator

Frodo C64 emulator by Christian Bauer is a very efficient little emu. There is development effort towards an sdl menu for in-game loading and settings. I have a semi-working tcl/tk frontend for it too, but it's so ugly i'm not going to work on it.

The TODO list on this is pretty long, starting with size doubling, then hildon integration, onscreen menu, keyboard support etc. I found it's usable enough with a BT keyboard. I think there are still image and joystick issues.

For current information, usage and feedback, please visit the Internettablettalk Frodo Thread.