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for Nokia internet tablets

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Frotz for 770 and 800

GFrotz - GTK Frotz

Frotz Text Adventure Player

Frotz is an interpreter for playing Infocom text adventures and other Z-Machine games in your X terminal. Most tablet users will prefer the GTK Frotz which features a GUI.

This version of Frotz is built for IT2006 (mistral/gregale). On 770, click on the link and select 'Open' to install. For the N800, first download, then install from the shell with dpkg -i frotz_2.43-1_armel.deb.

Requires 1) ncurses-base. and 2) libncurses5 . You can also apt-get install these from the command line.

Looking for a cool project? How about designing a mouse/stylus-driven context-aware tree-based graphical dialogue for Z-machine interactive fiction games? It's not a trivial design problem, but I think it's possible.