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Kobo Deluxe for ITOS

Screenshot on 770

Kobo Deluxe

Kobo Deluxe is an David Olofson's awesomely enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo. It is the first 30+fps 640x480 scrolly SDL game I've seen on the Nokia 770.

UPDATE: 07.09.25 - New build installable with app mgr on 770, auto-installs kobodlrc file and allows play without keyboard.

Run it from xterm with kobodl command. To speed up load time, use -nosound or turn off sound with in-game settings. If you don't like typing, get cpu-screenshot-applet or Idea and make a shortcut link to the binary.

Motion is with arrow keys - firing with stylus. Esc button exits and dpad-enter key (middle of dpad) confirms exit.