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for Nokia internet tablets
  Random Linkage
My Comic-Book Alter Ego
DungeonHack - A Daggerfall heir

Other Tablet Game Pages
EBoard online Chess
Bundyo's Games - Freeciv
Stratagus, Wormux etc

Cool Nokia Pages
Some Nifty Hacks for 2008
Mulliner's Nokia Page
770 Hacking by J. Carter
JohnC's Nokia Page
Guardian's Nokia Page

Other ARM Software
GP2x Software
Zaurus Software
More Zaurus Software

Emulator Resources
PD Rompacks for Emus
Zophars PD Roms
Old MAME DAT files
PDroms.de Archive

Development Resources
Overview of Maemo SDK set-up
New OS2008 Oprofile Kernel \p/
Python on maemo
Obligatory Maemo Howtos
ARM Assembler Intro
Most Wanted Emulators
Playstation 1 - psx4all
SNES - DrPocketSnes
Genesis - PicoDrive
MAME - mameGp2x

Game Port Candidates
C-Evo Empire Building Game
FreeCol (Colonization)
Bos Wars
Dark Oberon RTS
Nikwi Deluxe
Pang Zero
S.C.O.U.R.G.E (Roguelike)

A list of more games
Python games

Engine Port Candidates
Dune Legacy - Dune engine
Free Orion Project - MoO engine
WIP Master of Orion engine
Prince of Persia engine
Magnetic Scrolls engine
RAW - Another World engine
LOTR Game engine
Free Heroes 2 - Might&MagicII engine