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for Nokia internet tablets

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libsdl-ttf 2.0.8

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Pentagram - Ultima 8 Engine

Pentagram is a project aiming to create an Ultima VIII engine for use on modern operating systems. Ultima 8 is the last of the 2D single-player computer role-playing adventure games created by Origin Systems.

While it is currently possible to finish Ultima 8 using Pentagram, not everything is fully working yet. (Save regularly!)

Pupnik ports is proud to present the world's first build of Pentagram for the Nokia tablets! Big thanks to WJP for the debugging help! This is one of the fastest full-screen 640x480 scrolly SDL engines we've yet seen on the tablet.

If you love U8 and can help the Pentagram devs with bugreports, please give it a shot. If you just want to play a good RPG, I'd suggest exult.