a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

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for Nokia internet tablets

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Pingus deb

Pingus data deb

Pingus - Lemmings Clone

UPDATE: 08.03.05 New release! Features funkipup installer for EZ-install on any N8x0 with OS2007 or OS2008..

1) First install Pingus deb

2) Then install Pingus data deb

The installer avoids Nokia's application manager requirement to have twice the package size available as free space on your device (about 24MB for pingus). If you install by clicking on the files linked here you'll need about 14MB free space. If you instead first download the files to mmc/sd card and then 'install from file' using application manager, the install should work even if you only have a few MB free!

Since data resides on memory card, pingus won't run if you remove the memory card. Warning! Pingus has a memory leak and REQUIRES 128MB swap! After playing a few levels, exit the game and restart to continue where you left off.

By careful selection of compile-time optimizations, load-times were reduced by 3-5x and in-game speed more than doubled. Nokia 770 currently unsupported due to performance limitations.

If it's not totally awesome, please post feedback to the forums please.