a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

s o f t w a r e

for Nokia internet tablets

Project 'Homepage'

POSE for Nokia 770/N800

Picture of POSE on 770

Unique311's awesome
POSE on N800 Video

POSE PalmOS Emulator

The Palm OS Emulator emulates the operations of Palm Computing Platform hardware devices. With it, users can load ROM images, applications, and databases and use them on the Nokia tablets!

Thanks to Unique311 for custom skins and new POSE build on the Maemo Garage Page. An older build for the 770 is available here Please submit bugreports and feedback to the Garage page. General POSE chat, experiences, problems and suggestions should go to the ITT forum thread here.

CME has made a virtual keyboard that works with POSE!!! See the xkbd page here and discussion here. CME ROCKS!