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for Nokia internet tablets

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Port to Atari 2600

SMW 1.7-8 armel binary

SMW 1.7-8 data files (9MB)

Super Mario War

Super Mario War is an open-source game in the style of the Mario games. You play vs up to three other players or bots and try to jump on them. It's real slick!

Install the data first, then the binary. 770 users will have to enable swap memory and be patient while loading. Menu icons aren't finished yet so start game from xterm with "smw".

It takes up 17MB (uncompressed) in /usr/share/smw so you might want to move that to /media/mmc and make a symlink to it. Network play is not yet supported. Please test and give feedback here!

I just realized that the creator was Florian Hufsky of the Pirate Party in Austria. He chose to leave it all behind in 2009.

Here some thoughts and memories from the SMW crew