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for Nokia internet tablets

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Photo of snes9x on 770

snes9x 1.5-1 armel binary

snes9x 1.5-1 source

snes9x Super Nintendo Emu

Snes9x is the portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. Discussion forum is here

This build of 1.51 actually yields playable speeds on the N800. The sound backend needs revision. They say it's OSS but i see asound in the source. If someone would build an aoss wrapper (for /dev/dsp support) that might work.

Work on snes9x is suspended in favor of DrPocketSnes from the gp2x. DrPocketSnes should yield fully playable SNES games with sound on both 770 and N800. Removing the gp2x specific code and swapping-in standard snes9x components is really hard. If you know your way around this emu, I could really use some help. Source is here.