a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

s o f t w a r e

for Nokia internet tablets

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TecnoballZ Maemo Screenshot

Libmikmod (gregale)

Libvorbis (gregale)

Libvorbis (ext. bora)

TecnoballZ Arkanoid/Brickout Game

TecnoballZ is a "breaking blocks" game first written for the Amiga. The game is divided into Areas which are divided into Levels. Between some levels, you have to defeat a guardian to pass to the next level. When passing an Area, a new edge is open. You can buy weapons and bonus between levels with the money earned during the game."

I've done minor UI/gameplay modifications to adapt it to the tablets. Ball launch is via dpad-select key. Pause/menu is via esc button (circle arrow).

First, install dependencies libmikmod and libvorbis. Then install TechnoballZ data (5MB installed) and TechnoballZ binary (0.5MB installed). Start the game from xterm with "/usr/games/tecnoballz".

I would appreciate testing feedback via the forums. Please specify your tablet model and OS version and leave a detailed problem description.