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xbak - Betrayal At Krondor RPG engine

xbak is an open source project to play Betrayal at Krondor Role Playing Game by Sierra Online (c) 1993 on modern systems... like the Nokia Tablets.

The engine does not yet feature complete game logic - i.e. is not yet 'solvable', but I think it's just fun to walk around in the game world. I think it's a great low-cpu use pseudo 3D implementation (check screenshot) for RPGs. No realtime 3d, just clickety-click walking around the game world - but in a first person perspective.

The bin needs libsdl, libsdl-mixer and libXau. If you want to build and work on this, grab the svn from sourceforge - the 1.2 source release has showstopper bug in FileBuffer.cc. Things to do include gfx bugfixes on intro page (possibly alignment or endianness errors), and mouse cursor fix (currently not tracking correctly).