a r n i m  s a u e r b i e r

s o f t w a r e

for Nokia internet tablets

Xlibs IT2006 IT2007

libxpm4 OS06 OS07 OS08

OS 06/07 xkbd deb

OS2008 xkbd deb

Default xkbd Screenshot

Bottom xkbd Screenshot

Bottom xkbd layout file

xkbd .install file

xkbd Virtual Keyboard

CME from the ITT forums has ported xkbd, a simple virtual keyboard for non-hildon applications. This keyboard is for use with sdl games, or links2 browser, or any program that hasn't or can't be modified to use standard hildon input methods. Xkbd runs on-top of apps and can be minimized to an icon in the lower-right corner when not being used.

For OS2006 you'll need to install xlibs and libxpm4. Not sure what's needed for OS2007. OS2008 just required I install libxpm4.

Xkbd can interfere with other windows that want on-top status and has problems with fullscreen sdl apps on OS2006. OS2008 version seems to work with fullscreen apps.

Update 08_03_04: Updated OS2008 xkbd deb with added keymaps by Addison/OSEmuTech and Pupnik (see /usr/share/xkbd directory for maps).

If you're having problems, read the xkbd thread on ITT forums here.