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xu4 binary tgz

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xu4 - Ultima 4 RPG Engine

xu4 is an engine to play the computer role-playing game Ultima IV.

Ultima 4 (and 5) were the non-plus-ultra of the 8-bit RPG era. Defining games in every sense, they are also design and user-interface classics to this day. Thanks to Origin/EA for making the game available!

This build of xu4 is currently a available for testing and requires a BT Keyboard or xkbd to play. Unpack the tarball somewhere on the root filesystem (not on mmc), then cd to xu4770 dir and type ./u4 to play! The U4 game data is now bundled, so you don't need to install it seperately.

You can also grab the VGA tileset upgrade from moongates here, but i haven't tested this lately. It could use onscreen icons for the U4 commands for stylus based play - i can hack the code for this, - anybody want to make the icons? Feedback preferably in the forum thread -- thanks!